It’s Time For Infrastructure With Intellect


  • NEXX5 has been incorporated by IKAR Industries as a strategic venture to advance its interests in the future of technology infrastructure.
  • IKAR Industries is an entrepreneurial investment group, headquartered in London, with representation in Europe, Untied States, and other emerging countries.
  • NEXX5 is at the service of better, smarter living in cities designed to serve us all.
  • Smarter cities can embrace the lifestyle, health and leisure needs of all their inhabitants, making urban living more pleasurable and productive for all.
  • NEXX5 is committed to delivering a higher level of infrastructural form and function for a full range of Smart City solutions.
  • This broad range of technology solutions are designed to enable us to live the way we want in urban environments – with effortless connectivity, enhanced utilities, easy mobility and in sustainable, secure environments.

NEXX5 services include 5G provision, as one of the technology enablers to creating the more informative, more secure and intelligent cities of the near future.

Services enabled include:

  • providing faster and more secure data streams and communication
  • seamless mobility and transport management
  • public information and security
  • supporting sustainability and utility efficiency programmes

Every form of NEXX5 infrastructure is designed to fit into the urban landscape with a combination of aesthetic lines and multiple functionality, or simply not to be visible as it helps the city run better for residents, businesses, local organizations and government alike.

With customizable designs, modular construction and our advanced logistics planning, we are also able to offer rapid installation catering to the needs of the specific location.

Who We Are

Michael Spindelegger
Co-Founder and Chairman of the Board

Wolf Hisserich
Co-Founder and CEO

Michael Spindelegger
Co-Founder and Chairman of the Board

Wolf Hisserich
Co-Founder and CEO


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